At Lindy on Ice we feel that code of conduct is more of a conversation than a set of rules.
We have two basic

guide lines: 

Consent is key. 

Whether it is a dance, a cup of hot chocolate, a hug etc, make sure there

is a clear consent. This is on you. A good rule of thumb is to ask, “Do you want to dance?”, “Would you like a cup of hot chocolate?” or “Are you alright with a hug?”. Learn to take a “No” for what it is. 

See something

say something.  

It is much better to say something and clear out a situation, have a discussion and/or take the side of someone who might not feel like they have a chance to speak out. Together we can create an environment where people feel comfortable and as a part of a community. Everyone has at some point said something stupid, now let’s help each other out by pointing it out! 
True friends do not let their friends say something homophobic, misogynistic or racist nor sexually harass. Please remind yourself and your friends if they are about to say/do something inappropriate. 
Any incidents will be handled with the consent of those alerting to the incidence. Sexual harassment is not only wrong,

but also illegal in Iceland. 

Note: All of our classes, workshops and parties are welcoming to all people who want to learn to lead or follow, and to dance to swing and jazz music. We do not tolerate discrimination towards people based on cultural background, ethnic background, race, country of origin, sexual preference, gender identity, religion, ability,

or socio-economic background.

Our classes and parties is queer positive spaces. If you have any questions about this please contact us at

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