Felix is a swing dance instructor, performer and choreographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. He started 

in the swedish competition scene at the age of nine with bugg as his main style. One year later he took his first basic 

six count step in Boogie Woogie and has since then never stopped.  


At the age of 16 he made his first visit

to Herräng Dance Camp in Sweden and 

fell in love with the African American 

social dances of the swing era such as Lindy hop, Vernacular Jazz, Charleston 

and Tap.He is a strong believer of the 

freedom and the authenticstyle of the 

dance and the connection you create 

with your partner and the music. He sees swing dancing as a way 

to bring people together and bring 

happiness in to their life. Because when he dances that is all he can think about and express. Pure happiness!



Meghan is a Canadian lindy hopper who currently spends most of her time in Montréal co-directing Cat's Corner swing dance school. You may have met her as a jazz fan and DJ, or perhaps as an MC and host. She has been teaching lindy hop and vernacular jazz for over 10 years and is thrilled to be continue learning about the rich culture of jazz, and the people and places that contributed to what it is today. She loves the conversation to be had with the language of jazz, and the opportunity to just be yourself when you dance. In classes, she and her partners help bring the spirit of the social dance into the room, with emphasis on the music that makes us swing!



Yana is an active swing dancer, performer, teacher and dj.

She was surrounded by jazz since childhood, while dancing came much later. Since the first lindy hop lesson,

she fell in love with the swing scene

and started devoting all her time to music and dancing. Raised with love

in Moscow Swing Dance Society she shortly became a teacher there and

in a few years started to travel for sharing and finding knowledge.


Yana is conveying joy, respect and

love for the dance with her students.



Jon Tigert found swing dancing at

the tender age of 15 and never looked back. Now, somewhat older than 15,

Jon shares his knowledge of the dance all over the United States and the World. You may know him from his roles at events such as Lindy Focus, Lindy Fest, The Canadian Swing Dance Championships, The Chinese Lindy Hop Championships, Herrang Dance Camp,

The International Lindy Hop Championships and many more.


Known for his concise language, historical knowledge and and infinite supply of dad jokes, Jon's classes are immensely informative and entertaining. Beyond teaching, Jon is often seen behind the microphone as a well known MC and host, behind the computer as

a DJ, or behind the drum kit playing

and singing with various bands. 

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